Is Nothing Sacred?

MULE FOOD                    
Cost: $10.00 US
Includes S&H to continental U.S.
Otherwise + $5.00.

A bunch of electronical noodling also known as experimental instrumental music.
Songs that are just barely songs.
Bent notes, twisted tempos and awkward arrangements.
Inorganic noises that conjure up images of burnt toast mating.

Notable cuts in MP3 Format:

Entertainment for people on psychological vacation.
Music to clean test tubes by.
Tunes designed to test your very sense of right and left.
Sounds that would loosen a rusty bolt.
Curious music for the mentally adventurous.
A collection of audio experiments which have been proven to make worms worry.
Music for the type of person who, when told to sit down and shut up, jumps around and yells.
In short: music for those who find the ordinary bland.
But then again, maybe not.
Oh well.
The truth? Seven or eight anti-songs that have no business existing other than to
push the limits of notedom to the very edge and beyond... into that unholy place filled with chaotic non-music sometimes honored with phrases like:
"What the hell is that stuff?"

We just thought you ought to know.

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