The World's Oldest UNOPENED
Bottle of Coca-Cola

This is it.  The Real Thing.
A collector's gem indeed.  The Legacy.  The Flavor.  The Dream.
Imagine owning this one-of-a-kind icon, this symbol of Americana.  No this is not some
bogus limited edition signature plate of Elvis (with or without Richard Nixon in the picture).

This is not some dopey Barbie doll (of which there are millions) some kook is trying to pawn off as having some "special value". It's not something you can get just anywhere. Nope. This it IT. The REAL THING. The Real Thing BEFORE it was the real thing. Man, that's real.

Exacty how old is it? 50 years at least.
Yep, this gem was sitting peacefully in my father's workshop untouched for decades.
I remember asking him when I was a little tike what it was for.
"To loosen bolts" he replied. He never opened it. It just sat there for years and years.
Little did he know that one day, this treasure would be seen by the world.
Here it is.
Look at it in all it's glorious splendor.

A symbol of success and triumph and all that is good and great about America.

Notice the
debris populating
the lower region of
the golden brown fluid.

A genuine
sign of authenticity.
Marvel at it's splendiferous presence.


You Can Bid On This Item.

Every reasonable offer will be considered.
Remember, it's value is rising every day.

You could be the lucky soul to reap the rewards of ownership/collectorship
of this priceless piece of 20th century kitsch.

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