"Wozny...The Old Stuff"                    
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Includes S&H to continental U.S.
Otherwise + $5.00.
Way back when—circa 1982-ish—after having been in any of several bands, Dale grew tired of watching band members either grow weary or simply move out of state.  To hedge against the probability of this becoming a re-occuring problem, Dale simply decided he would play all the instruments himself.
Things went so well with the first solo Dale Wozny effort 1982, that a second was hot on it's heels. This time, Dale pulled out all the stops and went for a full-on LP (more arcane vinyl lingo...) and 24-tracks. If that weren't enough, Dale went out and bought a cello to screech around with.  

Sample a few of the cooler tracks:   MP3 FORMAT

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